Monday, June 27, 2011

The Golden Acorn

Between editing The Girl from Wildwood, starting another book, going out of the country, and getting ready for Anime Expo, I somehow managed to read a few things. So here's a review of one of them. 

This book is free for Kindle on Amazon, which is cool. I thought it was light-hearted and enjoyable, simple to follow for younger readers. There isn't much to it, though; the protagonist, Jack, is likable, and so is his sidekick Camelin, but all of the other characters are completely flat. The world, based in Celtic mythology, is intriguing but underdeveloped and the explanations are convoluted. This is only the first book, so hopefully that can be fixed.

I don't want to pick on this book too much because it's probably for a younger audience and I think they'd like it well enough; the pace might lag a little in the middle, but the climax is suitably exciting and Jack is easy to root for. I was continually distracted by formatting issues and punctuation errors, though. I very much appreciate books being offered for free but it's still disappointing when they are poorly edited. 

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